Joyeuse, enchanting interactive objects creating house

Joyeuse has been launched in 2018 by three partners driven by an iconoclastic vision of the future of the digital: the object.

Vision of the (digital) world

Screens are part of every moment of our lives. Thus they keep us away from what's essential: the connection with the sensible world, human interactions, our time and our attention, as well as a profound need for wonder.

It is time to reintroduce more natural and less addictive interfaces in our digital lives: objects.

Augmented by technology and a touch of magic and poetry, they offer a softer and more virtuous alternative to screens. Let's take over the reins of our digital lives!


Reenchanting families' digital everyday life away from screens, with sensible, inspiring and interactive objets.


Our first product is based on young children's need to listen to stories in order to grow by themselves: the Magic StoryMate. It's a funny cube with an irresistible design and a soft touch, that tells stories when you shake it 3 times. Patented and launched with success during Christmas 2018, the StoryMate is since then frequently mentioned in medias and is now distributed through all big retailers and on our eshop.

On our roadmap: the development of a range of enchanting interactive products, designed around two axes:

  • family life
  • early-learning and essential knowledge


Make Joyeuse the tech-for-good brand, creator for the millenials families in Europe.

3 experienced partners

  • Mathieu Roumens, founder and CEO, is the entrepreneur of the trio. He's a creative passionate about interactivity and products, pioneer of digital with a career in media, startup and agency.
  • Valérie Latour-Burney, co-founder, is the author in charge of the artistic. She has worked for the biggest names of children's books publishers.
  • Marie Garidou, co-founder, is the commercial with a solid background in business development of mass market products in France and around the world.
  • All three of them are graduated from EMLyon and the ESCP.

Values and DNA of the brand

  • Spirit of adventure
  • Requirement (ambition, quality and result)
  • Creation
  • Attentiveness to what's Beautiful, to Nature, to the World

    We are hiring

    We are looking for talents who would fully match our DNA. Passionate and daring people who achieve their potential by doing, who like questionning and challenging the conformity and feel at ease among imperfect and shifting environments. Above all, we are looking for talents who want to be part of a big entrepreneurial and human adventure. If you recognize yourself in this portrait and if you are also easy-going, happy and full of energy, contact us at