No buttons, no screen, more enchantment!

by mathieu roumens, december 26th, 2019

No buttons, no screen, more enchantment!

The Magic StoryMate is a funny box that tells stories or sings nursery rhymes when you shake it 3 times! It feeds children's imagination and language, awakens their senses, guides them towards autonomy and teaches them what's beautiful...

As easy as pie
Its 100% gestural operation is inspired by the elementary gestures of young children: shaking, tapping, turning… A jubilant moment for children from 2 years old, and even younger ones!

An irresistible design
Thanks to its appealing vintage illustrations and its sensory coating with a soft touch. Children love putting their StoryMate to their ear, as if listening to a seashell...

The essentials of childhood
66 tales, sweet stories and nursery rhymes, and even a poetic alphabet. Traditionnal contents (The Three Little Pigs, Puss In Boots, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels On the Bus, etc.) and created contents written by talented children’s writers and told by friendly and tender voices.
An evolving treasure
Thanks to its special functions like 'Recording a story', 'Import a CD/MP3, 'Download a story' (...), the StoryMate evolves at the same time as your child's age and tastes, and accompanies him during all his young years.
A nomadic object
Compact, resistant, autonomous (its battery can last 23 hours on its own), the StoryMate is perfect for all occasions: in the car, on the train our on the plane!
And the final touch: a product made in France!