The Magic StoryMate

The story box inspired by childhood

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The Magic StoryMate
The Magic StoryMate
The Magic StoryMate
The Magic StoryMate
The Magic StoryMate
The Magic StoryMate
The Magic StoryMate
The Magic StoryMate
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Free delivery between 2 and 4 days

Free delivery between 2 and 4 days

  • Simple and instinctive as a child's game: shake it 3 times, it tells a story!

  • Resistant and nomadic, it is certified compatible with family life!

  • The essentials of childhood: 66 stories, tales, nursery rhymes and a poetic alphabet

  • Open to your own stories: record yourself and import your CDs and MP3s for free!

  • A sensory treasure to put in all children's hands from 2 years old

  • See more details
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Our StoryMate in video

Our StoryMate in details

No button, no screen, more enchantment!

The operation of the StoryMate is 100% gestural! It is inspired by the elementary gestures of the little ones: shaking, tapping, turning... A jubilant children's game from 2 years old !

Inside, the essentials of childhood

66 tales, stories and nursery rhymes, and even a slightly crazy poetic alphabet, to feed the imagination and language of children. All the stories were written and told by embodied, sparkling and warm voices.

A treasure for the child

Thanks to its sensory design irresistible to the touch, its resistance to falls, its native repairability and its ultra nomadic side.

Enjoy the Joyeuse Club's online store!

Discover the Joyeuse Club's online store and download new stories from the catalogues of the biggest children's publishers.

Open to your own stories

Go to the Club Joyeuse's Studio to record your own stories and import your own CDs / MP3s for free, thanks to the converter.

Ethical and responsible

The StoryMate is made in Europe (France). Joyeuse donates 1€ per StoryMate purchased to the child protection association France Parrainages.

They were seduced and testify for us...

A most playful toy that has seduced my children! They never let go of their StoryMates.

Valerie, Julie and Mattéo's mum,

3 years old and 5 years old - Paris

I was skeptical at first, but in the end my daughter loves it so I love it, very easy to use.

Marc, Margaux's dad,

4 years old - Toulon

A little box that quickly delighted our 2 years old and the parents around. Very adapted to the youngest age and very interactive.

Marine, Lancelot's mum,

2 years old - Bourges

Questions / Answers

Our StoryMates have been designed to answer the wishes and needs of babies and bigger children. They might look the same on some points (after all, they're sisters :) ), but each one has its own specificities. The first one is the age difference :

- MFSM (My First StoryMate): for the 0-2 years old (it's an ideal birth gift ;) )

- MSM (Magic StoryMate): for the 2-7 years old

The main difference between the two lies in the content:


- Musical contents to rock baby to sleep (lullabies and sweet songs, enchanted walks with the sounds of nature).

- Contents to wake baby up

softly: sung fingerplays, nursery rhymes and first stories and tiny poems to give the taste of language.


Selected stories created in collaboration with kindergarten's teachers for children from 2 to 7 years old:

-Classic tales (duration from 5 to 12 minutes)

-Longer nursery rhymes

-An alphabet to cross the letters with fun

-Sweet stories to fall asleep dreaming

They function exactly the same, except for:

- Baby mode MFSM: you can adjust the sensibility of the movements on the cube to ease its use by the child when he/she grows up (from 9 months). Before, it's of course daddy or mommy who shakes the cube.

MFSM (on 3 faces): you can choose the time before the StoryMate shuts down, without intervention, to send baby to sleep.

-Sleep mode MSM: only on the Cloud face.

MFSM's design is softer, designed as an invitation to discover the world: a complete landscape unfolds from face to face, with a kitten as the main character, standing on a branch and trying to catch cherries.


-If your child is 18 months old, we recommend offering him/her the Magic StoryMate (2-7 years old), it will last longer! You will be able to personalize the content as you wish (more lullabies for example...) :)

-You will also be able the change the decoration of My First StoryMate when your child enters kindergarten: all you'll have to do is send back the First StoryMate to the Joyeuse Workshop where we'll give it the clothes of her older sister, the Magic StoryMate!

The Magic StoryMate has been designed to withstand the joyful reactions of your child... up to a certain limit. If it can bear a fall of 1 meter and resists falling out of bed, it is not able to fly and doesn't like the stairs

In case of a problem, you can directly contact the Joyeuse's workshop at:

Ah the headset... We thought about it from the beginning, of course, but then we gave it up for reasons of timing and budget...

But we're still reluctant to make this feature a priority... Here's why:

- firstly because the primary intention of our StoryMate is precisely to avoid putting our little ones in a (digital) bubble too soon... they will come there soon enough! We assume this traditional side!

- then because the children already naturally lift up their StoryMate to the ear, because of the deliberately soft sound volume... They like the contact with the object, like a cuddly toy... And two children can listen to it at the same time, each on one side :)

- and then finally because the stories are written in a language that also speaks to the parents.

At Joyeuse we advocate for a family listening :)

NB: for long car journeys the ambient road noise covers the sound of the StoryMate at medium volume. You can also listen to the news or music at the same time. Driver's word!

66 stories, tales and nursery rhymes!

20 tales from the past, 10 sweet stories to fall asleep or share a calm moment, 10 nursery rhymes from yesterday and today and 26 poetic stories to cross the alphabet.

What can we listen to on the cloud side?

Tender stories! For a moment of relaxation through emotions, colours, nature… Goodnight, sweethearts!

- In the land of dreams

- Tell me how you sleep

- I love my teddy

- On the Waves

- The Branch

-The Colourful Magpie

- Nighttime Noises

- The Sun Doesn't Want to Go to Bed

- Little Shell

- The Bird Poet


What do we find on the lion side?

The great timeless tales: marvellous adventures and pranks!

- Baba Yaga

- Goldylocks and the three bears

- Jack and the Beanstalk

- The goat and her seven little kids

- Puss In Boots

- The Fairy

- The Emperor's New Clothes

- The Three Little Pigs

- The Sparrow and the Crystal

- Tom Thumb

What is on the red side?

The first tales for children from 2 years old. A fun collection of animal stories! (story length is less than 5 minutes)

- Brother Rabbit, the Elephant and the Whale

- Katie Cluck Cluck

- The Stubborn Goat

- The Frog With a Very Big Mouth

- The Red Mitten

- The Little Red Hen

- The Very Very Very Big Turnip

- The Lion With Bad Breath

- Three Hungry Billy Goats

- The Cookie Queen

What does the Joyeuse (green) side do?

It goes through the alphabet in a poetic way and teaches letters and words in a playful way: explore the Garden of Letters, where two children pick letters, taste them and marvel at their magic… 26 short stories to give a taste for words… and a tune for learning the alphabet!

What do we sing on the yellow side?

Traditional nursery rhymes! The Joyeuse children's choir sings 10 nursery rhymes...


- Baba black sheep

- Bingo

- Wheels on the bus

- Head shoulders knees and toes

- Old MacDonald

- Itsy bitsy spider

- If you're happy

- Ring a roses

- Row row row your boat

What does the orange side have to delight us with?

Their top 5 favourite stories are automatically saved here. Yes, it's magic!

The Magic StoryMate natively embeds 2h30 of magic (stories, nursery rhymes, songs...) and you can add 1h30 of it: downloadable contents from the Club Joyeuse, free recording of the voices of the people your child likes and even your own contents (MP3 CDs...). Don't worry, the contents you take out of the StoryMate are not lost, you can put them back at any time.

Yes the content is freely customizable, which makes the StoryMate an evolving treasure that accompanies the child from 0 to 7 years old, or even more :).

To take advantage of the customization functions, you need to join the Joyeuse Club (it's free) then connect the StoryMate to your computer with the USB cable to transfer the audio files.

-The Joyeuse online store: hundreds of stories, songs or lullabies to download, from some of the biggest youth literature's publishers' catalogues.

-The recording studio: because it's important to stay here when you're not physically her... Travelling or separated parents, grandparents, godfather/godmother can record themselves in the online studio and send their stories or personalized messages in the StoryMate, just in a click! Children are not put aside: they also love to record and listen to themselves!

-The MP3 and CD converter: it's one of the biggest advantages of the StoryMate, it's format is open! Everyone can freely import stories or music from their own digital library... You just need to put these files into the converter then add them in the StoryMate, thanks to a USB key for example.

-"My favorite stories" function: over listenings, the StoryMate saves the most played stories in the heart face of the cube. The child can then find his/her favorite very easily :)

The contents Joyeuse Club's online store can be downloaded at prices ranging from €5 to €15.

You will also have access to a selection of free packs.

You can of course FREELY create and record your own stories so your child can hear his or her favorite stories with the voices of his or her loved ones.

You can also freely import your favourite content from your CDs and MP3s to share with your child the songs that matter to you.

Yes of course! The Cloud side (the lullabies side), has a sleep mode that you can customize in the settings when you connect your StoryMate to a computer.

No the StoryMate is not waterproof.

We tried to use kway material for the creation of the sides of the StoryMate but the result was quite disappointing.

We then decided to use silicone, which has the advantage to be soft to touch and 100% secure if your child puts it in his/her mouth.

The sound is very soft for the ears of the little ones.

You can manage the sound level by going to the settings.

Without being HD, the sound is of good quality and without crackling of course.

And the audio content is great, made by artists with all their soul!

And 2 children can listen to the StoryMate simultaneously, even in the car!

The Magic StoryMate is a story box based on discovery and surprise, so the selection is random.

Nevertheless, each side corresponds to a theme (nursery rhyme, story, song, alphabet, lullaby) and the heart side broadcasts the most listened to contents.

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Notices and Ratings

Technical Specifications


2 - 7 years


2 years


0 - 3 years / origin France guaranteed


23 hours autonomy


cube 8cm X 8cm X 8cm


270 grams


50cm USB cable compatible with PC / MAC